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This is a database (MDB) on Norwegian rolling stock, contemporary and historical. MDB is made by contributions by its users. Norwegian Railway Club (NJK), Research Dept. administrates the database and tries to ensure sufficient quality on information and pictures. The database is constantly changed.

Most of the text is in English, but comments on specific units will mostbly be only in Norwegian. Use e.g. Google translate to solve that problem.

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Main class CD 312

This main class consists of several sub classes which may be very different. The name of the class is not official, but made by us.

Classification system: NSB engines 1918- stand.gauge

NSB engines 1918- stand.gaugeCD 312Co'Co'  001 ( 92 76 0312 001-9 ), | 002 ( 92 76 0312 002-7 ), | 003 ( 92 76 0312 003-5 ), | 004 ( 92 76 0312 004-3 ), | 005 ( 92 76 0312 005-0 ), | 006 ( 92 76 0312 006-8 ), 6
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CodeDescriptionSub classesSourcesRemarks
1918 EsNSB engines 1918- stand.gauge1NSB ill. lokfortg. 1918, 1927 (ex NHJ), 1932. Trykk 750Typeangivelser med arabiske tall. Elektriske ledningslok prefiks El., elektriske akkumunalotrlok Ea., diesellok Di.
Med "NSB" menes også etterfølgeren Norske tog AS.

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The rolling stock is grouped in the following way (Norwegian concepts in parenthesis):

Classification system (Betegnelsessystem) keep together those classes that have been used in a specific span of time. A single unit may have experienced several classification systems during its life. In most cases, one have to choose a classification system in order to proceed in the database.

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