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This is a database (MDB) on Norwegian rolling stock, contemporary and historical. MDB is made by contributions by its users. Norwegian Railway Club (NJK), Research Dept. administrates the database and tries to ensure sufficient quality on information and pictures. The database is constantly changed.

Most of the text is in English, but comments on specific units will mostbly be only in Norwegian. Use e.g. Google translate to solve that problem.

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Steam enginesSteam engines
26c 412 oppfyrt som beredskaps...
NSB Hmr.: 26c nr. 412
Hamar (3101)
12. juli 1970
foto: Svein Sando
Electric locomotivesElectric locomotives
14 2167 i gt 5708, Oppdal.
NSB: El 14 nr. 2167
Tog nr. 5708
Oppdal (4708)
foto: Erik Borgersen
Diesel locomotivesDiesel locomotives
CD 0312 002-7
CN: CD 312 nr. 002
Dombås (3330)
8. apr. 2010
foto: Hans Martin Lie
Shunting enginesShunting engines
CN: Skd 224 nr. 218
Krossen (7601)
6. aug. 2005
foto: Henning Hagen
Diesel or combustion motor unitsDiesel or combustion motor units
NSB: BM 86F nr. 86.14
Arendal (7401)
27. apr. 1984
foto: H. Lindholm
Electric motor unitsElectric motor units
74-001-settet på prøvetur i la...
NSB AS: BMa 74 nr. 74.101
sør for Hønefoss (2116)
23. mar. 2011
foto: Odd Håkon Johansen
Passenger carsPassenger cars
NJM(mus): B30 type 2 nr. 18099
Hønefoss (2116)
4. mai 2007
foto: Hans Martin Lie
Freight vansFreight vans
NSB: G4 type 1 [3300] nr. 40001
Notodden (2711)
8. mar. 1973
foto: Svein Sando
Maintenance rolling stocksMaintenance rolling stocks
Baneservice, BS - 38 - 2008.
Baneservice: Lm 5 nr. BS-38-2008
Høvik (2207)
19. juni 2006
foto: Hans Martin Lie
Trams, metros, interurbansTrams, metros, interurbans
Sett 3018 Kjører ut fra Rødvet
OS: MX3000 nr. 3018 Adelheid
Rødtvet (9529)
23. feb. 2008
foto: J.O.Steina
Industrial enginesIndustrial engines
"Brona", ukjent Deutz-type og ...
N.Imp.K.: Feldbahn 1067 Brona
Larvik (2321)
20. juni 1979
foto: Thor Bjerke
Di 3.642 i Ht 354.
NSB: Di 3b nr. 642
Lesja (3402)
9. feb. 1983
foto: Svein Sando
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The rolling stock is grouped in the following way (Norwegian concepts in parenthesis):

Classification system (Betegnelsessystem) keep together those classes that have been used in a specific span of time. A single unit may have experienced several classification systems during its life. In most cases, one have to choose a classification system in order to proceed in the database.

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