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Norwegian Rolling Stock
This (NRSdb) is a database on Norwegian rolling stock, contemporary and historical. NRSdb is made by contributions by its users. Norwegian Railway Club (NJK), Research Dept. administrates the database and tries to ensure sufficient quality on information and pictures. The database is constantly changed.
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Norges Statsbaner: NSB Trondheim distrikt

Di 8 - Bo'Bo'

Manufact.OrderedDeliveredIn servicePut asideWithdrawnScrapped
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Anmerkning / Remarks

"This locomotive is equipped with state-of-the-art AC traction technology. It incorporates water-cooled, GTO-based PWM inverters, AC traction motors with nose-suspended drive, and a Sibas 32 control system. All auxiliary devices are powered via IGBT-based auxiliary inverters. The locomotives are built to operate in the extreme climate of Norway." (fra Siemens "Reference List")

Brukeres kommentarer / Users input

Forespørset ut 13.08.93, bestilt fra Krupp Verkehrstechnik (senere Siemens Verkerstechnik, SFT, deretter Vossloh) 10.02.94 Ca 1999: Skiftekobbel demontert Fra 2000: Nye generatorer [Erland Rasten 08.05.2010 kl.2236]

Pictures of unidentified exemplares
Train #48902
11. sep. 2004
øst for Hegra
Photo: Kjell Hegna
Ved Langneset
Train #48903
12. sep. 2004
vest for Gudå
Photo: Kjell Hegna
Photo: leif johnny olestad
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Affärsverket Statens Järnvägar (El.loco, ) • Angel Trains Cargo (El.loco, ) • Bane NOR SF (freigth, mainten., ) • Baneservice AS (Di.loco, shunt, DMU, mainten., ) • Bantåg Nordic AB (Di.loco, ) • Banverket (El.loco, shunt, ) • Beacon Rail Leasing Ltd (Di.loco, ) • Bergen Elektriske Sporvei (tram/metro, ) • Bergen Tekniske Museum (Di.loco, ) • Bjørkåsen Gruber AS (ind.eng., ) • BLS Rail AB (Di.loco, ) • Borregaard (Di.loco, ) • Bybanen AS (mainten., tram/metro, ) • Cargolink AS (El.loco, Di.loco, shunt, ) • CargoNet AS (El.loco, Di.loco, shunt, freigth, ) • Dala-Västra Värmland Järnvägsförening (DMU, ) • Danske Statsbaner (Di.loco,, ) • Deutsche Bundesbahn, Deutsche Bahn (Di.loco, ) • Deutsche Reichsbahn (steam,, ) • Dunderlandsbanen (steam, ) • Eidanger salpeterfabrikker (steam, Di.loco, ) • Euro Shuttle (shunt, ) • Flytoget AS (EMU, ) • Foreningen Setesdalsbanen (shunt, ) • GB Railfreight Ltd (Di.loco, ) • GM-gruppen (Di.loco, ) • Go-Ahead Norge AS (El.loco, EMU,, ) • Graakalbanen (tram/metro, ) • Green Cargo AB (El.loco, Di.loco, shunt, ) • Grenland Rail AS (Di.loco, shunt, ) • Grimstad-Frolandbanen (steam, ) • Gråkallbanen (tram/metro, ) • Hector Rail AB (El.loco, Di.loco, ) • Hering Bau GmbH & Co. KG, Burbach (mainten., ) • Holmenkolbanen (tram/metro, ) • Holmestrand-Vittingfosbanen (steam, ) • Industribaner (ind.eng., ) • Infranord AB (El.loco, mainten., ) • Inlandsbanan AB (Di.loco, ) • Jernbaneverket (Di.loco, freigth, mainten., ) • Jura-Simplon (steam, ) • Kings Bay Kull Compani (ind.eng., ) • Leonhard Weiss GmbH (mainten., ) • Lillesand-Flaksvandbanen (steam, ) • Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag (steam, El.loco, Di.loco, mainten., ) • Malmtrafik i Kiruna AB (El.loco, Di.loco, ) • Malmtrafikk AS (El.loco, Di.loco, ) • Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Di.loco, ) • Nesttun-Osbanen (steam, ) • Norges Statsbaner (steam, El.loco, Di.loco, shunt, DMU, EMU,, freigth, mainten., ) • Norsk Hoved-Jernbane (steam,, freigth, ) • Norsk Hydro (steam, ) • Norsk Hydros Ekspedisjonsavdeling (steam, ) • Norsk Impregneringskompani (ind.eng., ) • Norsk Industriarbeidermuseum (El.loco, Di.loco, shunt, mainten., ) • Norsk Jernbanedrift AS (Di.loco,, mainten., ) • Norsk Jernbaneklubb (steam, shunt,, mainten., ) • Norsk jernbanemuseum (El.loco, Di.loco, mainten., ) • Norsk Jernverk (El.loco, ) • Norsk Transport (El.loco, shunt, EMU, mainten., ) • Northrail GmbH (Di.loco, ) • NRC Maskin AS (mainten., ) • NSB AS (El.loco, EMU,, ) • NSB Berging og Beredskap Jernbane (mainten., ) • NSB Gardermobanen AS (EMU, ) • NSB Gjøvikbanen AS (EMU, ) • NSB Gods (El.loco, shunt, ) • Ofotbanen AS (El.loco, Di.loco, shunt, EMU, ) • Oslo Sporveier (mainten., tram/metro, ) • Peterson Rail AB (El.loco, Di.loco, ) • Railcare AB (Di.loco, ) • Railpool GmbH (El.loco, Di.loco, ) • Rjukan Salpeterfabrikker (shunt, ) • Rjukanbanen (steam, El.loco, Di.loco, mainten., ) • RushRail AB (El.loco, Di.loco, ) • Sahaviriya Steel Industries UK Ltd., Redcar (Di.loco, ) • Salangsverket (ind.eng., ) • Schwezerische Bundesbahn (steam, mainten., ) • Setesdalsbanen (mainten., ) • Siemens Dispolok GmbH (Di.loco, ) • SJ AB (El.loco, EMU, ) • SJ Norge AS (El.loco, EMU,, ) • Skandinaviska Jernbanor AB (El.loco, shunt,, ) • Société nationale des chemins de fer vicinaux (tram/metro, ) • Solbergfossbanen (DMU, ) • Sperry Rail Service (mainten., ) • Spitzke SE (mainten., ) • Sporveishistorisk Forening (tram/metro, ) • Statens Havnevesen (mainten., ) • Statens Järnvägar (steam, El.loco, Di.loco, shunt, DMU, EMU,, mainten., ) • Statens Vegvesen (Di.loco, ) • Stiftelsen Norsk Jernbanearv (, ) • Stiftelsen Rjukanbanen (shunt, mainten., ) • Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (EMU, ) • Strukton Rail (mainten., ) • Sulitjelmabanen (steam, Di.loco, DMU, ) • Svenska Tågkompaniet AB (EMU,, ) • Sveriges Järnvägsmuseum (Di.loco, ) • Sydvaranger (steam, Di.loco, ) • Taraldsvik Maskin AS (DMU, EMU, ) • TGOJ Trafik AB (El.loco, shunt, ) • Thamshavnbanen (Salvesen & Thams) (steam, El.loco, Di.loco, EMU, mainten., ) • Three T AB (Di.loco, ) • Transdev Sverige AB (, ) • Transitio AB (EMU, ) • Trondheim Sporvei (tram/metro, ) • Trondheim Trafikkselskap (tram/metro, ) • Trondhjems Elektricitetsværk og Sporvei (tram/metro, ) • TX Logistik AB (El.loco, ) • Tågåkeriet i Bergslagen AB (El.loco, Di.loco, shunt, ) • Tønsberg-Eidsfosbanen (steam, DMU, ) • Urskog-Hølandsbanen (steam, ) • Urskog-Hølandsbanen (museum) (steam, ) • Valdresbanen (steam, DMU, mainten., ) • Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Di.loco, ) • Vossloh (Di.loco, ) • Vy Gjøvikbanen AS (EMU, ) • Vygruppen AS (El.loco, EMU,, ) • Österreichische Bundesbahnen (El.loco, ) •
Current railway line/company is NSB Trondheim distrikt with these classes:
11a, 11b, 11d, 11f, 13a, 13b, 14a, 15a, 15c, 15d, 15e, 15f, 15g, 16a, 17a, 18a, 18b, 18c, 19a, 20a, 20b, 20c, 21a, 21b, 21c, 21d, 21e, 23b, 24a, 24b, 25a, 25b, 25c, 25e, 26b, 26c, 27a, 28b, 29a, 30a, 30b, 30c, 31a, 31b, 32a, 32b, 32c, 33a, 33b, 33c, 35a, 39a, 49a, 49b, 49c, 53a, 54a, 55a, 56a, 61a, 63a, 8a, 9a, A/45a, A1/46a, BFS 91, BM 65b, BM 86E, BM 86F, BM 86K, BM 86L, BM 86M, BM 87, BM 91, Bmb 13b, Bmdo 87a, Bmdox 86a, Bmdox 86b, Bmdox 86c, Bmdox 86d, C, C-m t. 2, Cm 14c, Cmb 14a, Cmb 14c, Cmb 1a, Cmd 15a, Cmd 15b, Cmd 15c, Cmo 1a, Co2a t.2, Cox4a t.1, Di 2, E/44a, F t.1 [Anl 22], F t.2, F/G/43a, Gfo2 t.3, Hedin-klassen, Imb-255, IV, IX, R, Ram, Rc, Rk (Brown Hoisting), Rk (Cowans Sheldon), Rk (dekningsvogn), Rk (Gottwald), Rko (American Hoist & Derrick), Rko (Schenck und L-H.), Rm, Ro, Skd 211, Skd 212, VI, VIII, XAEL, XV, XVI, XVIa, XVIb, XVII, XVIII, XX, XXIIIa, XXIIIb, XXIIIc, XXIIId, XXIV, XXVI, ZU20,
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Current railway/line/company is Norges Statsbaner with these classes:

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steam engine: Subclasses - All sortet by number/name

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 (NHJ D/H), 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 (NHJ D), 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 (NHJ G/F), 42 (NHJ E/G), 43 (NHJ F/G), 44 (NHJ E), 45 (NHJ A), 46 (NHJ A1), 47 (NHJ H/B), 48 (NHJ C), 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 61, 63, I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX, XXI, XXII, XXIII, XXIV, XXV, XXVI, XXVII, XXVIII, XXIX, Trønderen*, Halfdan*, Robert Fairlie*, Hedin-klassen,

Electric loco: Subclasses - All sortet by number/name

Ea 1, Ea 2, El 1, El 2, El 3, El 4, El 5, Rj.B 4–5/El 6, Rj.B 1–3, 6–8/El 7, El 8, El 9, El 10 (LKAB F), El 11, El 12, El 13, El 14, El 15, El 16, El 17, El 18,

Diesel engine: Subclasses - All sortet by number/name

Di 1, Di 2, Di 3, Di 4, Di 5, Di 6, Di 7, Di 8, T44, MaK DE 6400,

Shunter: Subclasses - All sortet by number/name

Sk type 1 (Skb 201/Skd 206), Sk type 2 (Skb 202), Sk type 3 (Skb 203), Sk type 4 (Skb 204), Sk type 5 (Ska 205), Ska 207, Ska 208, Skb 209, Skd 210 (Deutz A4M 420 R), Skd 211 (Kö), Skd 212 (O&K 4D), Skd 213, Skd 214, Skd 215, Skde 216, Skd 217, Skd R 218, Skd R 219, Skd 220, Skd 221, Skd R 222, Ska 223, Skd 224, Skd 225,

Diesel/combust. motor unit: Subclasses - All sortet by number/name

C-m t. 1 (smalspor), C-m t. 1, C-m t. 2, C-m t. 3, C-m t. 4, C-m t. 13, C-m t. 14, C-m t. 15, Cm t. 16, Cm t. 17 (V.B. 109), Imb, Co-m t. 1 (smalspor), Co-m t. 1 / type 81, Co-m t. 3 / type 83, Cmo t. 6 / type 86, Cmo t. 7 / type 87, Cmdo t. 8 / type 88, Cmdo t. 9 / type 89 (VT 137), Cmdeo t. 10 / type 90 (VT 137), Cmdo t. 11 / type 91, type 89 (Y7), type 92, type 93, Y1,

Electric motor unit: Subclasses - All sortet by number/name

Co-m t. 2 / type 62, Cmo t. 4 / type 64, Cmo t. 5 / type 65, Cmeo t. 106 / type 66, Cmeo t. 107 / type 67, type 68, type 69, type 70,

Passenger car: Subclasses - All sortet by number/name

A1, A2, A3, A4K, A5, A7, A20, A21, AB3, AB7, AB10, AB11, AB12, ABFo2a, ABo, ABo1a, ABo1c, ABo2a, ABo2b, ABo2c, ABo3a, ABo3b, ABZo2a, ABZo2b, ACo1a, ACo1c, AFo2a, Ao, Ao1a, Ao2a, Ao2b, Ao2c, Ao2d, Ao3a, B [karét], B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B9, B10, B12K, B20, B22, B23, B24, B25, B3, B30, B31, BC, BC3, BC5, BC7, BCDFo, BCF13, BCFo, BCFo2a, BCFo2b, BCFV, BCo, BCo2a, BCo2b, BCo2c, BCo2d, BCo2f, BCo3a, BCo3c, BCV, BCZo, BCZo2b, BD, BDF11, BDF3-4, BDFo2-11, BDFo2-4, BDFo2-7, BDFo3-11, BDFo3-16, BDFo3-7, BDFo4-7, BDFox4-7, BDo2-11, BDo2-16, BDo2-7, BEo3a, BF, BF1, BF2, BF3, BF7, BF10, BF11, BF12, BF13, BF14, BF15, BF20, BF21, BF2a, BF2b, BF30, BF31, BF32, BF33, BF3a, BF3b, BFo2a, BFo2b, BFo2c, BFo2d, BFo2e, BFo3a, BFo3b, BFo4a, BFox4a, BFV, BFV1, BFV21, BFZo2a, Bo, Bo2-3a, Bo2a, Bo2b, Bo2c, Bo3a, Bo3b [1936], Bo3b [1956], Bo3c, Bo3d, Bo3g, Bo3k, Bo3m, Bo4a, Bo4b, Bo4c, Bo4d, BR, BZo2a, C, C t.2, C [karét], C1, C2, C3, C30, C3a, CB1, CB2, CB3, CBFV, CBV-Gs, CD, CDFo, CDFo2a, CDFo2b, CDFo2c, CDFo2d, CDFo3a, CDFo3b, CDFo4b, CDFo4c, CDFo4d, CDFox4a, CDo, CDo2b, CDo2c, CDo2d, CEo3a, CEo3b, CF, CF2a, CF2b, CF3a, CF3b, CFo, CFo t.15, CFo2a, CFo2b, CFo2c, CFo2d, CFo2f, CFo3a, CFo3b, CFo4b, CFZo, Co, Co [karét], Co1a, Co2a, Co2b, Co2c, Co3a, Co3b, Co3c, Co3d, Co4a, Co4c, Co4d, Cox4a, CWLBV, DF, DF22, DF30, DF32, DF36, DF37, DFo, DFo-16, DFo-18, DFo-21, DFo-22, DFo-27, DFo-29, DFo-32, DFo-39, DFZo-16, Do, Do-39, Eo, F, F1, F2, F3, F4, F6, F7, F20, F23, Fd, Fde, Fdeo, Fdo, Fo, FR3, FR5, FR7, FV, FVde, FZo, R1, R20, WL5, WLA, WLAB, WLAB-2, WLABo1a, WLABo1b, WLABo1d, WLAo1a, WLAo1b, WLB, WLBo1a, WLBo1b, WLBo1c, WLBo1d, Xdg, Z, Zo, Zu, ZU20, ZU21, Zuo,

Freight van: Subclasses - All sortet by number/name

G etterlatte 1945, G1, G2, G3, G4, Gfo2, Gx, L2, L4, Lo3, Lt, T, Tl, Tlfo, Tlo, To, Ø2, Øo4, F (UIC), I (UIC), R (UIC), S (UIC),

Maintenance rolling stock: Subclasses - All sortet by number/name

Ballastfordeler, Ballastrenseverk, Beredskapsmateriell (XZ), Bunntømmingsvogn (Ø), Framdriftsmateriell*, Internmotorvogn, Kranvogn (Rk), Lastetraktorhenger (Q), LM1 (MBB), LM2 (Levahn), LM3 (Levahn), LM4 (Robel 57.07), LM5 (Donelli VMT 966C), Losjivogn (Rc), LT, Robel 10/11, LT, Robel 54.12, LT, P&T OBW-10, LT, Donelli D 721, LT, Robel 54.17, LT5/6, Robel 54.22-2/3, LT7, Robel 54.22-4, LT8, Robel 54.22-7, LT9, Robel 54.22-10, LT10, Robel 54.22-11, LTR12, Levahn 128-2, LT13, Beilhack Gkw 12/1, LT, Lastetraktor [øvrige], Motortralle, Målevogn*, Pakkmaskin, Redskapsvogn (R), Revisjonsvogn, motor (Rlm), Revisjonsvogn, øvrige (Rl), Snøryddingsmateriell, Sporombyggingstog, Sporstabilisator, Sveisemaskin, Tunnelrenskebukk (Ra), Øvelsesvogn (XØ),
Railways and companies to be choosen among
Norges Statsbaner, Norsk Hoved-Jernbane, Rjukanbanen, Eidanger salpeterfabrikker, Jura-Simplon, Schwezerische Bundesbahn, Sydvaranger, Norsk Hydros Ekspedisjonsavdeling, Valdresbanen, Dunderlandsbanen, Deutsche Reichsbahn, Norsk Jernbaneklubb, Statens Järnvägar, Norsk Hydro, Sulitjelmabanen, Grimstad-Frolandbanen, Urskog-Hølandsbanen, Urskog-Hølandsbanen (museum), Nesttun-Osbanen, Lillesand-Flaksvandbanen, Tønsberg-Eidsfosbanen, Holmestrand-Vittingfosbanen, Thamshavnbanen (Salvesen & Thams), Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag, Norsk jernbanemuseum, Norsk Transport, Norsk Jernverk, Ofotbanen AS, CargoNet AS, NSB Gods, Hector Rail AB, Malmtrafikk AS, NSB AS, Vygruppen AS, SJ Norge AS, Go-Ahead Norge AS, Angel Trains Cargo, Cargolink AS, Peterson Rail AB, TX Logistik AB, Railpool GmbH, RushRail AB, Skandinaviska Jernbanor AB, Norsk Industriarbeidermuseum, Malmtrafik i Kiruna AB, TGOJ Trafik AB, Green Cargo AB, Österreichische Bundesbahnen, Affärsverket Statens Järnvägar, SJ AB, Tågåkeriet i Bergslagen AB, Banverket, Infranord AB, Bergen Tekniske Museum, Jernbaneverket, Beacon Rail Leasing Ltd, GB Railfreight Ltd, Sahaviriya Steel Industries UK Ltd., Redcar, Danske Statsbaner, Inlandsbanan AB, Three T AB, Railcare AB, Bantåg Nordic AB, Baneservice AS, Statens Vegvesen, Borregaard, GM-gruppen, Sveriges Järnvägsmuseum, BLS Rail AB, Deutsche Bundesbahn, Deutsche Bahn, Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Grenland Rail AS, Norsk Jernbanedrift AS, Northrail GmbH, Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Vossloh, Stiftelsen Rjukanbanen, Euro Shuttle, Foreningen Setesdalsbanen, Rjukan Salpeterfabrikker, Solbergfossbanen, Dala-Västra Värmland Järnvägsförening, Taraldsvik Maskin AS, Svenska Tågkompaniet AB, NSB Gjøvikbanen AS, Flytoget AS, NSB Gardermobanen AS, Vy Gjøvikbanen AS, Storstockholms Lokaltrafik, Transitio AB, Stiftelsen Norsk Jernbanearv, Transdev Sverige AB, Bane NOR SF, Leonhard Weiss GmbH, Strukton Rail, NSB Berging og Beredskap Jernbane, Oslo Sporveier, Statens Havnevesen, Hering Bau GmbH & Co. KG, Burbach, Setesdalsbanen, Sperry Rail Service, Spitzke SE, NRC Maskin AS, Bybanen AS, Holmenkolbanen, Bergen Elektriske Sporvei, Trondheim Sporvei, Trondhjems Elektricitetsværk og Sporvei, Trondheim Trafikkselskap, Sporveishistorisk Forening, Société nationale des chemins de fer vicinaux, Graakalbanen, Gråkallbanen, Salangsverket, Kings Bay Kull Compani, Industribaner, Bjørkåsen Gruber AS, Norsk Impregneringskompani,
Choose one of them to see classes belonging to this railway/company.

Railways/companies divided into lines, destricts etc.
Norges Statsbaner: Arendal-Aamlibanen, Bergensbanen, Bratsbergbanen, Dovrebanen, Drammen-Skiensbanen, Drammenbanen, Eidsvold-Hamarbanen, Eidsvold-Ottabanen, Flekkefjordbanen, Grundset-Aamotbanen, Hamar-Grundsetbanen, Hell-Sunnanbanen, Jærbanen, Kongsvingerbanen, Kristiania-Gjøvikbanen, Kristiansand-Byglandsfjordbanen, Merakerbanen, NSB Arendal distrikt, NSB Bergen distrikt, NSB Drammen distrikt, NSB Hamar distrikt, NSB Kristiansand distrikt, NSB Narvik distrikt, NSB Oslo distrikt, NSB region nord, NSB Stavanger distrikt, NSB Trondheim distrikt, Ofotbanen, Otta-Dombaasbanen, Randsfjordbanen, Smaalensbanen, Solørbanen, Støren-Aamotbanen Nord, Støren-Aamotbanen Syd, Sørlandsbanen Kongsberg-Kragerø, Treungenbanen, Trondhjem-Størenbanen, Vossebanen,
Deutsche Reichsbahn: Reichsbahn Ausbesserung Werk,
Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag: LKAB Narvik, LKAB Sverige,
NSB AS: NSB Berging og Beredskap Jernbane, NSB Gods,
Vygruppen AS: Vy Berging og Beredskap Jernbane, NB! This menu is regrettably not complete.

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