This (NRSdb) is a database on Norwegian rolling stock, contemporary and historical. NRSdb is made by contributions by its users. Norwegian Railway Club (NJK), Research Dept. administrates the database and tries to ensure sufficient quality on information and pictures. The database is constantly changed.

This is the old database which is sucseeded by a new version. This older version will be kept alive for some time, but most additions after summer 2020 will not be shown in this older version.

About Norwegian rolling stock database

This is the database on rolling stock at primarily Norwegian railways, metros and tram lines. The information is constructed from several sources, but pictures are mainly uploaded by users of this database. Norwegian Railway Club (NJK), Research Department is responsible for this service, and tries to maintain good quality on the information mainly, but also on the pictures by evaluating them according to significance for the type of equipment illustrated, but also on technical and estetichal quality. Regrettebly is the number of uploaded pictures greater than the capacity of evalutation. A lot of uploaded pictures are therefore not evaluated at all.

Enter the database: Member of NJK | Others There is also a in/out logging possibility in top menu.
All members of NJK have an account. The username is your surname and members nummer typen tight together like Johnson1234. The initial passwrod is your members number. You should change this password to something more private the first time you enter. For the time being such changes must however be done from the Forum "Stasjonen" (se link i menu), scroll down to the menu on the bottom of the page, click "Rediger din profil", and change your password (two places) and save.

Examples of pictures of high quality

Random type-pictureRandom train picture
Di 8 nr.704
Di 8.704, Lodalen
5. feb. 1999
Oslo S
Photo: Erland Rasten
Rc4 nr.1178
Hurtigtoget fra Stockholm passerer smalsporet til UHB.
i nærheten av Sørumsand
Photo: Bjørn Næss
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More on the database

As a mean to give memebers of NJK privileges, the database has two levels of use. The first level is public. You get access to information on every item registered, but the volume of this information is to some extent reduced. Number of pictures of one item is restricted to up to three pictures, but you get the three with highest quality rank.

Mebmbers of NJK have full access, and can themselves contribute with pictures and information as well.

Conditions for contributors

Those uploading pictures are doing so under the following conditions:

  1. By uploading a picture, you give NJK right to publish the picture without any fee or payment, and also the right to publish the picture in the very best manner as judged by NJK.
  2. By uploading other's picture, you should obey Norwegian legislation "Åndsverkloven" which protects pictures as long as the photographer lives and 15 yeras after his/her death, and/or in 50 years after the picture was photographed. If you, however, have permission from the photographer to publish it on this web site, you may upload it, but please inform us about such permission.
  3. The database has a system for putting the photographers name on uploaded pictures. You should only write the factual photographer in this field, or no one if unknown.
  4. NJK has no duty to publish uploaded pictures, only permission. Uploaded pictures will be judged on technical and esthetical quality, as well as on how well the pictures fits into the whole gallery of a particular type, class og item. Historical pictures or rare pictures will are valuable in themselves, and will thus be judged with easier levels on technical and esthetical demands.
    The alternative to remove a picture, is to do some technical adjustments, if possible. If someone do not want us to do such adjustments, please inform us when uploading the picture.
  5. NJK have the right to remove an uploaded picture without informing the uploader.

NJK Research Dept., Svein Sando Dec 18th 2008 (ver. 2.1)

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